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Navigator Software 3.0 - NAV Corporate

Thương hiệu: Taiwan
Mã SP: NAV Corporate

Navigator 3.0 Corporate

  • Manage and record 108 IP cameras per station
  • Integrated alarm management for various alarm outputs
  • User-friendly UI and TV Wall application are supported
  • 64bits program
  • ONVIF Profiles S compliant
  • System redundancy 
  • Advanced alarm scheduling & logic
  • Hierarchical control center to manage multiple stations
  • Central alarm management with TV wall and eMap
  • Support 4K UHD camera, 120FPS camera
  • Support corridor mode and panoramic cameras
  • Support web client
  • iPhone, iPad & Android support
  • Perfect software for security checkpoints of corporate group to perform flawless remote monitoring
Hotline hỗ trợ: 0936391800


NAV Corporate



Application/ Recording Mode

Schedule / Motion detection / Manual recording

Live Video Output

Up to 108 channels

Recording speed

Up to 400Mbps upload and download

Recording Resolution

Up to 4K 30FPS and 2MP at 120FPS

Assign Recording Disk


Record Mode

No recording, record main stream, record substream, record dual stream, low bitrate recording mode

Recording schedule

7 days * 24 hrs time table, recording mode configurable

Alarm recording

Remote digital input, remote IVS detection, remote tamper detection, external IO, motion detection, NAV CGI Triggering, video loss detection, speed measurement detection, ANPR detection, facial recognition, remote LPR detection, QR code detection, aida behavior detection





RAID failure notification

LSI driver integrated

Playback Speed

FR: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X
FF: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X

Playback Search

Date, time, Smart search, Alarm search, POS, ANPR search, Face search, Face trace search (in FR server only), Tagging search

Playback Tagging

Video tagging for overwritten protection

Playback compression

H.265/ H.264 / JPEG

Multiple channel playback

Up to 36 channels & grouping playback

Remote playback

Remote multiple channel playback for SD card, NVR/DVR, and Navigator

Video input

LILIN IP camera, LILIN IP camera over HTTPS, LILIN Fisheye camera, LILIN IP speed dome, LILIN DVR/NVR, LILIN DHD recorder, NAV live streaming, P2P live streaming, ONVIF camera, manual RTSP, screen capture.

Camera name

20 characters

Channel editing

Mouse drag-n-drop

Fisheye Dewarp Mode

1R, 1O3R, 4R, 1x 360 Panoramic+ 2R, 2x 180 Panoramic, 1O8R

Digital zoom

Yes, ePTZ supported for live and playback

Privacy Masking


Low bandwidth mode

"JPEG snapshot input and record (1 FPS, 0.5 FPS, 0.333 FPS, 0.25 FPS, 0.2 FPS, 0.167 FPS)"

Sequence Mode


Split Screen

4, 9. 16, 25, 36

2 x 2 video wall


Network TV wall

Up to 199 rooms, 144 monitors per room, 128 channel groups per room, 144 channels per group

Video decoder

LILIN VD022 for video wall

Monitor outputs

Up to 8 monitors

Alarm Management

Play audio file, send email notification, PTZ preset, digital output triggering, full screen, post alarm record, pre-alarm record, advanced alarm digital output, send customizable HTTP POST CGI URL to third party device, alarm ACK, alarm snapshot, text overlay, App cloud push notification, NCC TV wall ACK, NCC eMap Center Alarm, NCC play sound, NCC global alarm setting, all these action can be automatic or scheduled

Event Table

Various alarm log, video loss, stop recording, schedule, logon, operation log

Digital output

Third party TCP/IP digital output supported.

Alarm scheduling

Up to four alarm tables with AND logic

(Alarm)Central management

Centrally monitor, collect, and manage alarm messages from multiple servers

PTZ protocol

ONVIF PTZ supported


PCM/G.711/AAC, two-way audio, audio recording

POS / barcode scanner

Third party TCP/IP/ RS-232 / Bluetooth supported

Keyboard Keypad

PIH-931D keyboard controllable via RS-485 for PTZ, ePTZ, and ROI features

Number plate recognition


eMap live monitoring

Each map can see 64 live video at the same time

PTZ Control


Auto Switch to the Map of Alarm Event



Motion detection / external alarm / audio detection alarm / face detection

Alarm event actions

Digital output controllable, snapshots, and alarm popup

(eMap)Central management

Centralized monitoring channels from multiple server

(eMap)Online Maps

Google map and Baidu map up to 128 eMap, GPS devices supported

Number of Mark for Online Map

Each online map can support 5000 camera mark

Number of Mark for Offline Map

Each offline map can support 500 camera mark


Database configuration database import & export, CSV file, report, and maintenance

Event search filter


(DB Manager)Central management

Event logs from multiple stations

Remote NAV Live video

Multiple channels of HD, SD, and low bitrate modes supported

Remote DVR/NVR Video

Multiple channels of DVR/NVR supported

Back up

DVR remote backup, AVI conversion and JPEG snapshots

Remote backup

Multiple channels remote Navigator backup supported

Failover Capability

Can rescue 36 channel of each server





Access log

Complete access log in database manager

Recording calculator

Yes, dynamically calculating available recording days

Web interface

Live web interface

Mobile phone

iPhone and Android



Max of client connects

"Up to 384 connections Note: The number of connections may increase or decrease according to network bandwidth or host hardware limitations"

IP Scan

Supported, easy-to-setup for IP address

Time sync

Daylight saving time by Windows OS

Time Sync

IP camera, NVR and DHD devices

OS requirement

Windows 10 64 bits


English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Slovenian, Hungarian, Turkish, Arabic, Iran, Bangla and Vietnamese

CPU requirement

Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 v4 or Intel Core I7-10700 or above

RAM requirement

16GB or above


GTX 1650 4GB or above

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