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ANPR3600AI Aida ANPR Software

Thương hiệu: Taiwan

Aida ANPR Software


Camera supportedLILIN cameras (recommended) and ONVIF cameras
Recording of Navigator Corporate8-ch
Digital outputControllable via IP cameras or LILIN Network I/O Box
Detection areaConfigurable
Character lengthMinimum and maximum length configurable
Exclusion listConfigurable
Quick search (Playback)Configurable
Captured snapshots (Playback)PIP and OSD text overlay
Alarm management on detectionFull screen alarm popup, PC sound alarm, trigger IP camera digital output, email snapshots, redirect a PTZ preset recall, alarm snapshot
Recognition speed36 recogs/sec
Number of recognition cameras6-ch
CPU requirementIntel® i9-9900K
Vehicle detection speed200kmh/125mph
Plate colorWhite, yellow, green, black, and red supported
Angle of license plateUp to 15 degrees
Camera installation angle0 to 30 horizontal degrees
SDKLicense plate SDK available
Resolution1920 * 1080 or lower
External VGA card requirementIntel® UHD Graphics 630 or above OR PMH-XM2280 OR Intel® Movidius™ NCS2 x 2 sticks OR NVidia GTX-1650 4G or above
RAM requirementRAM 16G (recommended)
OS requirementWindows 10 with DirectX 12 installed
Countries supportedANPR3x00AI-AUS: Australia
ANPR3x00AI-EUR: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, France, Turkey
ANPR3x00AI-IDN: Indonesia,
ANPR3x00AI-JPN: Japan
ANPR3x00AI-MEA: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Oman, Dubai
ANPR3x00AI-SEA: Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore
ANPR3x00AI-TWN: Taiwan
ANPR3x00AI-USA: 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico
ANPR3x00AI-IND: India (August 2019) where
x= 2, 4, 6 or 8 the number of recognition cameras
RemarkFor recognition accuracy, each camera requires 6 recognitions per second. Each camera with AI Engine can cover number plate recognition of 1~2 vehicles for 1~2 lanes.
Network video FormatH.264 / H.265 / MJPEG

Hotline hỗ trợ: 0936391800
CatalogueCatalogue ANPR3600AI2019-10-30457KBTải xuống

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